Wrapping up the weird but wonderful 2020 with hanakrafts' Christmas collection December 1, 2020 16:42

Well, that was quite an unexpected and unprecedented year, wasn't it? Looking back at our previous posts, it seems like there were so many expectations that we had for this year, and yet... life happens. Still, I'm sure we can all agree that we have learnt so much about ourselves in facing all these challenges and unpredictable situations. In presenting to you our Christmas collection for 2020, it is our hope that these lovingly handmade goods will help you to end off the year on a note of beauty and joy. 

Notebook sets

Blue mosaics and colourful mandalas--set of 2 handbound notebooks

Our hand-bound notebooks are always designed to have a touch of elegance and tradition. If you're anything like us, you need a notebook for every purpose in your life, and you can't resist a lovely new notebook! These make the perfect stocking stuffers and are great to have on hand whenever inspiration strikes. 

Elegant purple and pink florals on white--set of 2 handbound notebooks


Navy blue ikat designs--set of 2 handbound notebooks


Money envelope sets

Asian botanical designs money envelopes--set of 5 in jumbo and horizontal size

Here at hanakrafts, we love money envelopes. They are ubiquitous in Singapore (as well as in the rest of Asia) and can be used for weddings, birthdays and other celebrations, and we also use them during our cultural festivals too. 

Red, gold and white festive money envelopes for Christmas--set of 5 in jumbo size

Kids money envelopes in white and gold--set of 5 in wide or horizontal size


Bright pink and dark gold long money envelopes--set of 3

We also have these gorgeous money envelopes that are great for presenting vouchers and gift cards. These come in sets of 3 and are made from sturdy specialty paper. You could even write a message to the recipient on the inside flap of the envelope.

Woodland creatures long money envelopes--set of 3


Paisleys and mandalas handmade long money envelopes--set of 3


Letter-writing sets

Last but not least, we have this beautiful letter-writing set that includes 4 handmade blank cards and matching lined envelopes. They feature varying floral designs and we hope that you will use these to keep in touch with your loved ones no matter where they are. 

Mixed florals card set--set of 4 blank handmade cards in different designs, with matching lined envelopes

Do also take note our cut-off dates for all Christmas orders: 

USA, UK, Europe, Canada: Mon 30 Nov 
Australia, NZ, the rest of Asia: Wed 2 Dec
Malaysia: Mon 14 Dec
Singapore: Fri 18 Dec

You may still place your orders after these dates, but do note that they would likely arrive after Christmas. These cut-off dates are based on our mailing provider's estimation of shipping times. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions and unpredictabilities, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your orders in time for Christmas even if you place your order within these cut-off dates. Thank you so much for your support and understanding.

We hope that this festive season will be a wonderful one with your closest family and friends, as we bid goodbye to this year with hopes for a much better 2021! 

Eid collection 2020: bringing joy in these difficult times May 13, 2020 14:44

Dear friends of hanakrafts,

We hope you are keeping well in these difficult times, no matter where you are in the world. We are so proud to present to you our Eid collection for the year, and we hope that these handcrafted paper goods will bring you and your loved ones some joy and beauty. 

New in 2020: Rustic Floral Eid cards set

What better way to celebrate a socially-distanced Eid than by surprising your loved ones with beautifully handmade greeting cards sent in the mail? This set of 4 cards and matching lined envelopes is perfect for both friends and family with its Rustic Floral design and hand-stamped sentiment. 


Greeting cards (kad Hari Raya)

If you're looking for something even more exclusive, you can get these limited edition greeting cards for your loved ones too. 


Money envelopes (sampul duit Raya)

Traditional batik and ethnic designs money envelopes for Eid--set of 5 in wide design


Bold flourishes money envelopes for Eid, Christmas and CNY--set of 5 in wide design


Delicate blue Turkish patterns money envelopes for Eid--set of 5 in jumbo or horizontal design

We also have these new money envelope designs just for you! Great for keeping on hand when we are finally able to see our loved ones face-to-face and give them warm bear hugs and kisses. Wouldn't it be lovely to present them with little gifts tucked into these envelopes? 

If our Eid collection tickles your fancy, click on the 'Shop' button at the top of the page to make your purchase today! Enjoy the rest of this quiet time with your family at home and here's wishing you a blessed Eid and Hari Raya celebrations. 


On the first day of a new decade, we present to you... January 1, 2020 21:45

...Our Chinese New Year collection for 2020! We've got something for everyone!

Jumbo premium origami money envelopes in silver, gold and pastel shades

We are so excited about the latest addition to our best-selling premium money envelopes range: the jumbo envelopes now come in these beautiful silver, gold and pastel shades! These are limited edition though so if you want them make sure you snap them up now!


Chinese red peonies and abstract motifs money envelopes

Delicate Chinese florals money envelopes

These money envelopes feature traditional Chinese designs that both young and old will love. They are also double-sided and have a complementary colour on the inside that is revealed when you open up the envelope!


Ornate traditional Turkish patterns money envelopes--set of 5 in wide design or horizontal design

Here at hanakrafts we love all kinds of traditional patterns and motifs. Why not stand out from the crowd during CNY with these intricate Turkish patterns money envelopes that have pretty red accents?


Pretty little floral motifs notebooks set of 2

We even have this pretty set of notebooks that suit the CNY occasion! 


Golden florals, polka dots and zigzag long money envelopes--set of 3

Children will love receiving these sweet money envelopes with simple, bright patterns. 

And there you have it! Our latest handcrafted creations to celebrate the new year. May 2020 be full of bright and beautiful wonders for you!

Christmas collection 2019 December 3, 2019 16:49

Brighten up your festive season with hanakrafts' beautifully handmade Christmas collection. We have something for everyone of all ages! 

For the writers, artists and book lovers

Hand-bound A6-sized blank journals with beautiful Japanese origami paper covers
Embossed gold and rich blue leaves (left)
Embossed turquoise and gold Japanese landscape (right)
Nordic-style flowers on olive and dark blue--set of 2 notebooks
For lovers of traditional design
Cheerful flora and fauna money envelopes on origami paper with gold embossing--set of 5 


Lovely nature motifs money envelopes-set of 5 for Christmas in jumbo size


Elegant traditional Asian motifs money envelopes-set of 5 for Christmas in jumbo size

For the children

Polka dot, butterflies and abstract lines handmade money envelopes--set of 3

Flowers and feathers handmade money envelopes--set of 3 for Christmas

Flowers and birds handmade money envelopes--set of 3 for Christmas

For the well-organised 

2020 hand-bound planner with Italian tiles cover and exposed binding

Do note that our cut-off date for all Christmas orders (both international & SG) is Wednesday 4 December 2019, so that we can deliver them in time for Christmas.

Our online shops will be closed from 7-21 December 2019 as we take a break for the year.

Thank you for your support throughout the year and have a Merry Christmas!

hanakrafts' Eid collection 2019 May 12, 2019 09:31

Traditional Moroccan tiles money envelopes

Introducing our hanakrafts' Eid collection for 2019! We have some dazzling beauties just for you, that are sure to delight your beloved family and friends.

Bright paisley money envelopes
Peachy blooms money envelopes for Eid 
Japanese swirls and flourishes money envelopes
We also have a stunning selection of elegant cards that will inspire you to send your Eid greetings on pen and paper.
Purple gatefold Eid Mubarak card with gold touches
Pretty pink songket Eid Mubarak handmade greeting card
Shop our entire collection today! All our paper goods are lovingly handmade in limited quantities, so don't miss out on your chance!

Chinese New Year collection 2019 January 26, 2019 18:12 2 Comments

Yellow flowers and blue cranes long money envelopes

We are so proud to present to you our Chinese New Year collection 2019! Featuring beautiful floral and nature designs, we've got something for everyone as you celebrate the festivities with family.

Japanese nature motifs money envelopes

Blossoming blooms money envelopes

Deepavali collection 2018--beautiful money envelopes and notebook sets October 31, 2018 17:07

Take a look at our Deepavali collection for the year! We've got beautiful money envelopes and notebook sets that your loved ones will definitely enjoy.

Here are our Indian Sari and paisley long money envelopes that are perfect for the season! The bright, rich colours will appeal to anyone young or old.

We have also launched 2 brand new notebook gift sets! These make perfect gifts for anyone who loves journaling or doodling, or just lovers of pretty paper. Our Peacocks and Ferns notebook set (above) and Mandalas in Blue and Red notebook set (below) are great for this festive season.

Here's wishing everyone an amazing November ahead! The year is flying by so quickly. Look out for our Christmas collection which will be coming up next! 

A hanakrafts Raya 2018 May 26, 2018 12:07

A hanakrafts Raya is one filled with the beauty of classic and elegant gifts from the heart. 
Monochrome painted florals money envelopes for Eid
Pink painted florals money envelopes for Eid
Japanese watercolour sakura money envelopes for Eid
Abstract sakura money envelopes for Eid
Fun florals sampul duit raya/ money envelopes for Eid
Blue and brown classic songket design long money envelopes/ voucher holders
Click on each photo for more information and to make your purchase!
Happy shopping and have a blessed Ramadan!


hanakrafts' latest products! March 30, 2018 12:38

Due to popular demand, our premium origami money envelopes now come in a larger jumbo size! Now you can slip in your dollar notes straight into the envelope without folding! These jumbo envelopes come in two shades: original red and indigo blues.

We have also put our bestselling money envelope designs into collections of 4 so that you can enjoy the whole range at a special price! We have a collection for all our premium origami money envelope designs, and a collection for our jumbo sized money envelopes. We guarantee that you will love every single handcrafted piece in both of these collections!


Christmas markets 2017: Etsy Made Local Singapore and Public Garden Christmas December 22, 2017 23:20

It's just a few more days to Christmas and we hope you're winding down your year nicely! The holidays are the perfect time to relax with family and friends, as well as to reflect on the year that has flown past, so make sure to take some time off for yourself!

In the past few weeks we've had such a great time at these markets, and it's been humbling meeting all our lovely customers in person and getting some new fans of our work too. Read on to find out more--you might even spot yourself in these pictures =)

Etsy Made Local Singapore 2017

This was the second edition of Etsy Made Local Singapore and it was just as successful as its first! Held at Capitol Piazza on 25 and 26 Nov, customers could pick from a wide range of handmade goodies for their early Christmas shopping. 

Etsy Made Local Singapore 2017 hanakrafts

Etsy Made Local Singapore 2017 hanakrafts

Etsy Made Local Singapore 2017 hanakrafts customers

Etsy Made Local Singapore 2017 hanakrafts customers

Some of my dearest friends also came to show their support! I'm one lucky girl =)

Public Garden Christmas 2017

Public Garden Christmas edition was held at Suntec City Convention Hall 403 on 9 and 10 Dec, and it was truly a raging success! Just look at the crowds in these photos!

Public Garden Christmas 2017 Suntec hanakrafts


Public Garden Christmas 2017 Suntec hanakrafts

Public Garden Christmas 2017 Suntec hanakrafts

We can't express our gratitude enough to all our customers, friends and family who have always shown their support for our work. Thanks for all the love guys! We truly appreciate it, and we know that we wouldn't be where we are without you. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Basic Bookbinding workshop at MOX Katong Point by hanakrafts October 17, 2017 13:55

How has your October been going? We’ve been having a very busy one, with the big move we’ve made—yes, we’ve moved back to Singapore and are so happy to be home!

hanakrafts Singapore view

People are always asking me what the weather is like in Singapore. This is how it is: always hot, always humid, with no seasons! T-shirts and shorts all year =)

As has always been the case (I’m somewhat of a workaholic; can you tell?) I’ve jumped straight back into the swing of things with my very first bookbinding workshop in Singapore! Kiwis were pretty happy to try their hand at bookbinding so I thought Singaporeans might be too ;)

hanakrafts bookbinding workshop singapore

All set up and ready to go!

Our workshop was conducted in conjunction with the opening of MOX, a brand new independent design resource workspace in Joo Chiat. I had a wonderful afternoon sharing about basic bookbinding with the participants, who each did an amazing job making their very own books!

hanakrafts bookbinding workshop singapore

Hard at work

hanakrafts bookbinding workshop singapore
All of us with our handmade books!

I will be holding more bookbinding workshops now that I'm back in Singapore, so if you are interested, do look out for them in the near future! Or, if you'd rather purchase some for yourself, head to our Shop section here and view all the lovely handmade goodies on offer just for you. 

Intermediate bookbinding workshop: Coptic Stitch Binding August 7, 2017 15:27

Coptic Stitch bookbinding class Rotorua hanakrafts

On Saturday 5 August, we conducted our second bookbinding workshop at The Arts Village, Rotorua. This intermediate bookbinding workshop was focused on Coptic Stitch binding, which is an ancient bookbinding technique, and we were making books with an exposed stitching on the spine. This is my favourite bookbinding technique because I find the stitching to be so pretty, and it makes the book look so unique!

Coptic Stitch bookbinding workshop Rotorua hanakrafts

Image courtesy of The Arts Village, Rotorua.

For this workshop we had a nice small group of 3, and we already knew each other from the introductory bookbinding workshop that we held in March, so the session was really nice because we could catch up with each other while making our books. 

Coptic stitch bookbinding workshop rotorua hanakrafts

We started off with the basics--measuring and cutting the covers (as you can see above), folding pages into signatures, then measuring and poking holes into the covers and pages. Then the fun started--the actual binding! Some of the stitches were quite difficult to get through, but everyone did well and managed to bring home their very own handmade coptic stitch bound book. 

Coptic stitch bookbinding workshop rotorua hanakrafts

A closer look at the stitching done by one of our students

Coptic stitch bookbinding workshop rotorua hanakrafts

Here we are putting the finishing touches to our books! I really do enjoy teaching my craft so it was great being able to share my love for bookbinding with like-minded people. Hoping for more of such opportunities in the future! 

The Little Big Markets @ Papamoa Pony Club July 17, 2017 16:40

On Saturday the 15th of July we attended The Little Big Markets @ Papamoa Pony Club. It was a crisp winter's morning and we were out the door bright and early to make the hour's drive to Papamoa!

TLBM Papamoa 1

Setting up in the beautiful morning glow

It was great meeting new customers and introducing them to our lovingly handmade paper goods. The Little Big Markets is a well-established market in Tauranga so it was nice being part of the fun! 

TLBM Papamoa hanakrafts

Our stall all set up and ready to go!

Our most interesting request for the day was a birthday card for a farmer, hehe! Luckily we had one that was made out of brown kraft paper with a simple, uncluttered design that was just perfect =) 

TLBM Papamoa Pony Club

Ponies and chooks!

Since the market was held at the pony club, there were pony rides being offered for kids, and they could also play with the chickens in the enclosure! Definitely a day out for the little ones =)

TLBM Papamoa 2

The row of stalls that we were in

We were truly blessed with gorgeous winter weather that day. It had been a week of heavy rain and snow so it was nice to finally be able to get out there and have some sun!


We hope to attend more of The Little Big Markets in future so do stay tuned for more updates! 

Presenting to you our Eid 2017 money envelopes collection! June 3, 2017 10:23

hanakrafts eid 2017 money envelopes

Top: Modern Batik Eid money envelopes--set of 5 in wide design

Bottom: Classic Batik Eid money envelopes--set of 5 in wide design


Happy June everyone! It's officially winter here in New Zealand, so it's been getting colder and all the trees are almost bare (which means my lawns are full of fallen leaves, but that's another story!) but the nice thing is that the fasting month is really short here, just about 12 hours. Hope everyone is having a great month so far!

I'm so excited to present to you our Eid 2017 money envelopes collection! We've put a lot of thought into this collection and we have a whole range of money envelopes to suit both young and old. I'm sure you will find a design that you love! Remember, every single money envelope has been lovingly handmade, so we hope you will give them out with love too.

We have also listened to the feedback from our customers, so there are some new features that come with this collection:

1. There is a new wide design that will fit all SG and NZ notes folded in half! Most of the envelopes in the Eid collection come in this wide design.

Elegant arabesque Eid Mubarak stamped money envelopes--set of 5 in wide design

Elegant arabesque Eid Mubarak stamped money envelopes--set of 5 in wide design


hanakrafts Hari Raya 2017 money envelopes

Top: Glossy florals money envelopes for Eid--set of 5 in wide design

Bottom: Exotic florals Eid Mubarak stamped money envelopes--set of 5 in wide design


2. Some customers have said they would love to have more money envelopes in each set, so we have done just that! The Bright and Beautiful money envelope collection has 10 money envelopes in each set!

sampul duit raya 2017 hanakrafts

Left: Bright and beautiful origami money envelopes for Eid--set of 10 in jumbo design

Right: Lush foliage money envelopes for Eid--set of 5 in jumbo design


We've also brought back two of our favourites from last year’s Eid collection, because we know how much you love them! They are our Evergreen Eid Mubarak and Lovely Florals sets. They flew off the shelves last year so make sure you grab them now before they’re snapped up again!

Evergreen Eid Mubarak stamped money envelopes--set of 5 in tall design

Evergreen Eid Mubarak stamped money envelopes--set of 5 in tall design

Lovely florals Eid money envelopes--set of 5 in tall design

Lovely florals Eid money envelopes--set of 5 in tall design

Also, we have an Eid promotion applicable to both our website and Etsy shop:

- All orders of $50 and above will receive a freebie especially from us!

- All orders of $70 and above will receive free shipping, wherever you are in the world! (Note: This will automatically apply on our website. On Etsy, enter coupon code EID70FREESHIP at checkout.)

Happy shopping and Ramadan Mubarak, everyone!

All about our crafty weekend of firsts: teaching our first bookbinding class and Art in the Park 2017! April 6, 2017 15:05

Happy April everyone! I'm so excited to tell you all about the crafty weekend that we had here at hanakrafts about 2 weeks ago. It was pretty exhausting but I had loads of fun! 

bookbinding class by hanakrafts at arts village rotorua

Photo courtesy of The Arts Village

We conducted our very first bookbinding class on Saturday 25 March, hosted by The Arts Village in Rotorua. We had a nice intimate group of 6 participants and over 3 hours, I taught two basic bookbinding techniques: saddle stitch binding and Japanese stab binding. This meant that the participants got to bring home 2 new handmade notebooks of their own!

introduction to bookbinding by hanakrafts at arts village rotorua

Photo courtesy of The Arts Village

Near the end of the session, I also demonstrated coptic stitch binding as a teaser for future workshops. This technique is pretty advanced, so I would definitely need at least a 6 hour workshop to teach the entire process. 

hanakrafts hand-bound notebook sets

Most of our notebook sets make use of saddle stitch binding, as seen in this photo. Follow this link to take a look at some of our hand-bound notebook collections!

It was good to get tips from the participants about where to get certain tools and materials in Rotorua--apparently op shops might be a good and affordable place to look for threads and awls! It was also nice to hear that they wanted to have more of such workshops in future and that they were also interested in more advanced bookbinding techniques. Looks like I will need to go back to the planning board soon! =)

bookbinding class by hanakrafts at arts village rotorua

Photo courtesy of The Arts Village

Then once I got home from the workshop, it was on to finalizing my prep for Art in the Park, which was scheduled to continue the next day despite the impending rain. This was another first for me--can you guess what first it was?

hanakrafts art in the park rotorua 2017

Yup, it was my very first outdoor market! I was a little apprehensive about signing up as a vendor because I was afraid that my delicate paper products wouldn't be able to withstand the elements in the outdoors. One of the other vendors convinced me to try it out, though--she said that Art in the Park is a well-known annual event and that many people from the Bay of Plenty region would be there. That sounded exciting to me so I signed up and then made sure that I was prepared with waterproof sheets and a gazebo. I'm glad that I did eventually take part because there was quite a crowd despite the rain and business was actually pretty good! Goes to show that taking a risk and stepping outside your comfort zone can actually be good for you!

hanakrafts Art in the Park Rotorua 2017

Our stall was just opposite the coffee stand and the rotunda so we had good music and hot drinks all the way through! There was also a children's activity area where I met some of my tuition kids =) 

hanakrafts art in the park rotorua 2017

A closer look at our stall. When we arrived to set up, it really started to pour so we were setting up our gazebo in the rain! Halfway through one of the other stall holders came by and told us to take shelter at his tent first, promising to help us once the rain let up. We were really so touched by his kindness =) and he wasn't the only one who offered to help! 

hanakrafts craft market rotorua 2017

We were right next to the gates of the Government Gardens! 

During the market it was quite funny because when some of the customers found out that I do bookbinding, they were like, 'Oh there's a lady doing a bookbinding workshop at the Arts Village!' And I was like, 'Yes that's me!' And then they were like, 'Oh I'd love to go for the workshop!' And I was like, 'Ummm.. It was yesterday!' Hehehe, that kinda tickled me a little bit. It's good to know that there's interest in bookbinding though! 

So that was our busy crafty weekend! How did your weekend go? =) 

Interview and feature on the Australian Wandarrah Etsy blog March 21, 2017 05:36

I'm so excited to be kicking off this week with this interview and blog feature that is all about Hanakrafts! I really enjoyed doing the interview because it made me think about so many of the things that are important to me and the running of my business. This question, in particular, brought back lovely memories of home and my childhood:

"Your Etsy shop ‘About’ page tells a lovely story about how you grew up crafting alongside of your mum. Could you tell us more about the rituals involved in Hari Raya and how the envelopes in particular are used in these rituals?"

Read the interview at…/the-wandarrahs-road… to find out my response to this question and more!

hanakrafts studio

I loved working on this with the amazing Michelle Genders who is the talent behind Michelle Genders Art Studio. Thanks Michelle and the awesome Australian Wandarrah Team for this opportunity!

March 2017 Sulphur City market: meeting the mayor March 6, 2017 11:39

Sulphur City market March 2017 hanakrafts

March is actually here! I'm constantly amazed at how quickly the months pass by. It promises to be an exciting month ahead with not one, but two markets in the pipeline, as well as a workshop! So let's start off with the first market which is this month's edition of the Sulphur City market. 

Sulphur City market March 2017

Because it was the Children's Day weekend, they had a couple of booths just for the kiddos. This one was a fire engine ride (which initially made the stallholders a little panicky when we heard the sirens) and they also had a kids' activity by the Philippines Club.

Sulphur City market March 2017 kids craft

My highlight of the day was meeting the mayor of Rotorua!! Hehe. When she came by my stall I was thinking to myself, where have I seen this woman? She's quite stylish with her short crop and green-rimmed glasses and has a very distinctive look. She was pretty generous with her compliments and said that some of my paper designs looked Maori- inspired... Hmm I wasn't too sure about that but I'll take it! Anyway she ended up buying one of my notecard sets and it was only after she had left that I remembered who she was! I was kicking myself for not having taken a paparazzi photo with her. It was nice of her to come down and support our community events in her personal capacity though =) 

Sulphur City market March 2017 outside

Lots of people out and about! These stalls on the right belong to a woodworking organisation. I've spent much money there for sure because the quality of the items they make is amazing!

Sulphur City market March 2017 hanakrafts view

The view from behind my stall. These portraits of Maori women stretched all along the corridor, so I was admiring them the whole time! 

My second market in March will be Art in the Park--I've finally mustered up the courage to register as a vendor! I wasn't keen on it initially because I'm afraid my paper products won't do well when exposed to the elements (I'm terrified that it will rain!), but my next door neighbour at Sulphur City convinced me to try it out because the turnout is always good. It will be my very first outdoor market and there's so much prep to do but I'm so excited about it! Look out for updates on it soon! 

Sulphur City Arts & Crafts Market--February 2017 February 16, 2017 14:10

hanakrafts sulphur city art and crafts market

If you haven't realized it by now, I am a huge fan of the Arts Village here in Rotorua. I love the space and the community that it serves, and the people who run it are such a diligent and fun group of individuals who are artists themselves. I'm there all the time--checking out exhibitions, attending talks and sharing sessions, and selling at markets, which brings me to our post for this week--the first edition of the Sulphur City Art & Crafts Market! 

In the past the Arts Village would have a monthly market, but this year the planning of the market has been handed over to an independent local artist and rebranded as well. The first market was held on Sat 4 Feb, and there were about 30 stallholders who attended. This time round I was in one of the studios, not along the corridor like I was for the Christmas market. 

hanakrafts sulphur city art and crafts market envelopes

We were blessed with beautiful summery weather once again, which meant that there was a good crowd, but I think there were more people at the Christmas market (not surprisingly). There were also interesting food stalls this time round--there was a fresh fruit ice-cream stall which everyone was flocking to! 

hanakrafts sulphur city art and crafts market journals

I had more journals on offer this time (yup I was sewing books like crazy in the days leading up to the market), and I also had some new journals on offer, including ones with exposed binding on the spine, which everyone seemed to love! I also wanted to clear my 2017 planners so I put them up for sale--thankfully, some of them got sold, yay!

exposed coptic stitch binding journal

A closer look at our newest products: our exposed coptic stitch binding journals. This one has a pretty peach cover with orchids and gold accents! Look out for them on our website here!

Introduction to Bookbinding taster class! February 8, 2017 09:52

Where has the time gone--it's already February! Can't believe time is flying by so fast. 

hanakrafts bookbinding notebook sets

One of the things that I wanted to do this year was to conduct more workshops for the public. Well, thanks to the Arts Village here in Rotorua, we have planned exactly that! We will be starting with an Introduction to Bookbinding taster class on the 25th of March 2017. I will be teaching 2 types of bookbinding stitches and you will get to bring home your very own hand-bound notebooks. If you happen to be in Rotorua and are interested to learn something new, come join us! Sign-ups are available on the FB event page here, or at the Arts Village website here. Can't wait!

The Arts Village Big Christmas Market 2016 January 4, 2017 19:13

Hey there! Welcome to our very first blog post for 2017. I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season with beloved friends and family! Hubby and I did a lot of tramping and explored the region a little further. Thankfully we had some good sunny weather over the new year weekend!

For this post I thought it might be nice to write about the very first craft market that we attended in Rotorua. Held at the Arts Village, which is an amazing community-run arts organization and venue, the Big Christmas Market was a showcase of beautiful goods by talented local makers and artists. It was supposed to be held on 10 Dec but it was postponed for a week due to inclement weather.

hanakrafts big christmas market

That's our stall! Ours was indoors, next to one of the inner doors leading to the lawns outside. That meant lots of sun and people-watching for us! 

hanakrafts big christmas market display

A closer look at our stall. We had a few new features--we added boxes for more height in our display, and we also put out a sign-up sheet for a mailing list which we were thinking of starting in 2017. Also, from previous experience at other markets in NZ, people aren't so sure what money envelopes are because they aren't as ubiquitous here as they are in Singapore and other Asian countries. So I thought it would be good to put up a brief explanation of what they're good for--that they can be used not just to present money, but also gift cards and vouchers. That was put in the little black frame right in the middle of the table. The market was also a good opportunity to sell our new 2017 planners and journals =)

hanakrafts big christmas market lawns

There was a small hula hoop booth on the lawns outside so the kids were having fun playing around! These Japanese kids were really enjoying themselves as you can see. (I really love that little girl's outfit by the way. So chic!)

My most interesting customer of the day was this guy, who looked like your typical All Black, who came to my stall and started admiring our journals. He then called his mum over, and then later his wife and daughter, and went through our whole range of items with them, all the time saying that the items were so beautifully made and unique. In the end he bought some cards, left the stall, and then a few minutes later came running back because he'd forgotten to take our namecard, haha! I was pretty pleased but also quite stunned because that's not at all how I imagine my target customer =D feels good to have a new fan of our work though! 

Big Christmas Market hanakrafts

Photo courtesy of The Arts Village

Another heartwarming experience was the camaraderie that I felt among the vendors. The vendors next to me were 2 ladies who sold an assortment of vintage items, including clothes and dolls, as well as paper flowers. The lady who made the flowers had baked some fruitcake for the day and gave me a whole slab to take home! Another vendor was an old neighbour of a colleague of mine and she sold really beautiful shibori scarves and cushion covers. Unfortunately, she was going to close down her business, so she was just selling her stock off at the market. I got myself one of her shibori scarves in a pretty peach colour, and got a linoprint free! Of course that wasn't my only purchase at the market--some of the items sold were just too gorgeous to resist--I also got myself some pottery and plants! I think it was a really good market for me both as a vendor and a customer, and it was also good to make some new friends at the same time. Can't wait to check out the other local craft markets I could potentially sell at!

Hanakrafts' Christmas gift guide 2016--the gift guide with a merry twist! November 30, 2016 08:37

We've got such a wide range of handmade paper goods on our website now that we thought a Christmas gift guide might be a good idea! If you're stuck and unsure about what to give a particular person in your life, read on... but these people we are thinking of are just a tad bit different in their own quirky ways!

PS: Click on the photos to view the products in our store.


For your emo brother who secretly writes songs and poems when inspired: 

Arabian geometric notebooks

I have 2 brothers who are both far from emo but one of them DOES have this journal in blue! These journals have intricate geometric designs on the covers but they come in colours that are still guy-friendly. They also come in a handy A6 size that is easy to carry around (because guys are always walking around bag-free, aren't they?)


For that chic co-worker you know who loves all things Japanese:

Origami paper cards

These cards are quietly festive and yet stylish with a textured lace origami paper background! They would look gorgeous pinned up at your co-worker's desk too!


For your girlfriends who are just that little bit kooky (and that's why you love them):

Polka dotted Christmas cards

Brighten up their Christmas further with these polka-dotted greeting cards that they are sure to love!


For your sophisticated friend who has been bitten by the travel bug:

Christmas geometric envelopes

Gift envelopes featuring gorgeous geometric designs in red, green and gold--so festive and so aesthetically pleasing! They are sure to remind her of the European or Middle Eastern architecture that she has encountered before on one of her many trips abroad.


For old folks who are still young-at-heart and are often found Instagramming (!) their homecooked dishes:

Peranakan batik journals

The Peranakan batik designs on these notebooks are so beautifully traditional but the bright feisty colours make them coolly modern too. Perfect for grandma to write her recipes in!


For the spunky young couple just starting a new home together:

Christmas money envelopes

These festive gift envelopes would be perfect for you to present monetary gifts, vouchers or gift cards for the couple to have a shopping spree at IKEA / Crate & Barrel / Anthropologie / Bed Bath & Beyond or whichever store suits their aesthetic!


For the workaholic corporate boss who needs some art in his or her life:

Luxury baroque money envelopes

This gift idea actually came from one of our customers who said she would use these envelopes to give out her namecards at boring networking events! We say that's a brilliant way to inject some fun and beauty into your corporate life!


For your friends' cute kiddos:

Fruits money envelopes for kids

All kids love Christmas presents, but if you're not so sure what they'd like, vouchers would be the perfect gift so that your friends (i.e. the kiddos' parents) will be able to buy what they actually need. These colourful envelopes will make the giving of vouchers a still-pretty affair and nothing to be scoffed at!


For your little niece who loves all creatures big or small:

Butterfly notebooks

We are sure she would love this notebook set featuring pretty butterflies! The notebooks are hand-stitched and are bestsellers at all the craft fairs we attend.


For an arty-farty teenager who loves to doodle and draw (and dilly-dally):

Marbled notebooks for Christmas

Give them the freedom to express themselves with these hand-stitched marbled notebooks that have blank pages inside. Choose from 3 colours for this set of 2 notebooks: pink, orange or blue.


We hope you have enjoyed our very first Christmas gift guide! Can't believe we didn't do this last year--it was fun coming up with all these ideas =) Happy shopping and may you have a wonderful festive season with your loved ones. 

Christmas orders cut-off dates November 16, 2016 10:49

hanakrafts Christmas cards


It has been quite a mad week here, beginning with the earthquake that hit NZ early Monday morning. Thankfully we are ok, but my thoughts and prayers are with the people in Kaikoura, Wellington and the surrounding towns who have been severely affected. Here's hoping that things will get back to normal soon for everyone.

We have also finally updated our website and Etsy store with our Christmas orders cut-off dates. It's important to place your orders before these dates to ensure that you will receive your items in time for Christmas! Our items are handmade so it does take some time for me to make them before I send them out =)

US, UK, Asia, Europe: Thursday 1 Dec 2016

Australia: Tuesday 6 Dec 2016

New Zealand: Monday 19 Dec 2016

Rest of the world: Tuesday 29 Nov 2016

If you place your order after this date, there is no guarantee that your items will reach you in time for Christmas, but we will do our best! Please leave us a note with your order if you require your items in time for Christmas. Thank you and have an awesome countdown to the festive season!

The Big Move to Rotorua! October 24, 2016 12:13

So we moved again, not across continents this time thankfully, but across the country to the North Island! Welcome to our new home in Rotorua in the Bay of Plenty region!

hanakrafts rotorua home

When we first went to view this house, we fell in love with its space and layout, and it didn't hurt that we had a treehouse in the front yard as well!  

hanakrafts rotorua workstation

It took me a full day to unpack my boxes and set up my hanakrafts workstation in one of the spare rooms, but I did it! This is just the table, mind you--you're not seeing the rest of the storage boxes and bags on the floor! And if you're wondering what the view outside of that window is like...


...this is it! I absolutely love the greenery, and because we moved in spring, we were blessed with even more bountiful views. Rotorua has been amazing and I love the fact that there is a vibrant arts community here with lots of workshops, exhibitions and markets to attend. I'm looking forward to play my small part in this community too!

Maker's Market Sept 2016 at Capitol Piazza September 26, 2016 19:07

Maker's Market Sept 2016 Capitol Theatre

The Maker's Market is a monthly weekend event that takes place at different locations all over the island. This time round, it was being held at the new luxury mall, Capitol Piazza, which is located at the historical Capitol Theatre. It was my first time selling in the day in Singapore, and since it was an outdoor (but thankfully sheltered) location, it was bound to get a little bit hot at some point! So I definitely had to equip myself with an electric fan, which meant I had to pay an extra $10 for access to a powerpoint. Oh well! 

Maker's Market Sept 2016 hanakrafts

I actually really loved the setting of the market--the plaza had carpet grass (which meant that my friends who came could have a little picnic behind me with their kids hahaha), it was nice and open, and there was ample space between stalls. Also, the vendors were provided with proper chairs and not stools, which is a relief when you're sitting there for 8 straight hours. The crowd was quite inconsistent though--there were surges of people in the afternoon, but other than that, it was quite thin. I had expected another surge after dinner, but there weren't as many people as in the afternoon. I guess the mall is still pretty new so it might still be building its own visitor base. 

hanakrafts friends

hanakrafts friends 2

My beautiful friends and little kiddos who came to visit! =)

Hanakrafts cards and notebooks

These were some of our items on sale--greeting cards were a hit that day! There was a lady and her husband who snapped up almost all our Christmas cards--"It's never too early!" Hahaha! 

Hanakrafts premium origami jumbo money envelopes

I have also added more jumbo-sized money envelopes at the suggestion of a close friend who said it's so much easier to just slip in the dollar notes without having to fold them =) The 3 packets on the bottom right are the ones made of premium yuzen origami paper which I mentioned in my previous blog post. Very luxurious to the touch, elegant in style and perfect for all kinds of occasions!

I think this will be the last market I will be selling at in Singapore, at least for now, as we will be heading back to NZ soon. I've loved having family and friends coming to visit my booth and also helping out--I will really miss that if I do sell in NZ again!