Maker's Market Sept 2016 at Capitol Piazza September 26, 2016 19:07

Maker's Market Sept 2016 Capitol Theatre

The Maker's Market is a monthly weekend event that takes place at different locations all over the island. This time round, it was being held at the new luxury mall, Capitol Piazza, which is located at the historical Capitol Theatre. It was my first time selling in the day in Singapore, and since it was an outdoor (but thankfully sheltered) location, it was bound to get a little bit hot at some point! So I definitely had to equip myself with an electric fan, which meant I had to pay an extra $10 for access to a powerpoint. Oh well! 

Maker's Market Sept 2016 hanakrafts

I actually really loved the setting of the market--the plaza had carpet grass (which meant that my friends who came could have a little picnic behind me with their kids hahaha), it was nice and open, and there was ample space between stalls. Also, the vendors were provided with proper chairs and not stools, which is a relief when you're sitting there for 8 straight hours. The crowd was quite inconsistent though--there were surges of people in the afternoon, but other than that, it was quite thin. I had expected another surge after dinner, but there weren't as many people as in the afternoon. I guess the mall is still pretty new so it might still be building its own visitor base. 

hanakrafts friends

hanakrafts friends 2

My beautiful friends and little kiddos who came to visit! =)

Hanakrafts cards and notebooks

These were some of our items on sale--greeting cards were a hit that day! There was a lady and her husband who snapped up almost all our Christmas cards--"It's never too early!" Hahaha! 

Hanakrafts premium origami jumbo money envelopes

I have also added more jumbo-sized money envelopes at the suggestion of a close friend who said it's so much easier to just slip in the dollar notes without having to fold them =) The 3 packets on the bottom right are the ones made of premium yuzen origami paper which I mentioned in my previous blog post. Very luxurious to the touch, elegant in style and perfect for all kinds of occasions!

I think this will be the last market I will be selling at in Singapore, at least for now, as we will be heading back to NZ soon. I've loved having family and friends coming to visit my booth and also helping out--I will really miss that if I do sell in NZ again!