Deepavali collection 2018--beautiful money envelopes and notebook sets October 31, 2018 17:07

Take a look at our Deepavali collection for the year! We've got beautiful money envelopes and notebook sets that your loved ones will definitely enjoy.

Here are our Indian Sari and paisley long money envelopes that are perfect for the season! The bright, rich colours will appeal to anyone young or old.

We have also launched 2 brand new notebook gift sets! These make perfect gifts for anyone who loves journaling or doodling, or just lovers of pretty paper. Our Peacocks and Ferns notebook set (above) and Mandalas in Blue and Red notebook set (below) are great for this festive season.

Here's wishing everyone an amazing November ahead! The year is flying by so quickly. Look out for our Christmas collection which will be coming up next!