The story behind hanakrafts

hanakrafts sulphur city market new zealand

Hello and welcome to my humble online store, hanakrafts. I'm Hanna and I'm Singaporean. In July 2015, my husband and I moved to New Zealand for a breath of fresh air, first to Gore, Southland, and then to Rotorua, Bay of Plenty. 2015 is also the year that I launched hanakrafts :) We are now back in Singapore after having lived in New Zealand for 3 years.

I've always loved the ubiquitous piece of paper and the thousands of possibilities that it offers due to its riot of colours, its varying feel and its many intricate designs. What better way to pay homage to paper than to craft it into beautiful handmade goods? This was my inspiration behind hanakrafts--to lovingly create cards and other goods out of paper with gorgeous and unique designs. I do hope you will enjoy these paper crafts as much as I have enjoyed designing and creating them for you.

Another key inspiration of mine is Japanese arts and crafts, as well as its culture of paying close attention to the most intricate of details. In the Japanese language, 'hana' means 'flower'. Thus, I am committed to keeping hanakrafts' practices environmentally-sustainable, which means cutting down on material wastage and reusing materials as far as is aesthetically possible. You may also find recycled materials being used in our packaging, such as recycled cardboard or calendar pages being used as backing. I hope you will appreciate our efforts to be kinder to nature, and I hope you will pay it forward in your own continued efforts as well.