On the first day of a new decade, we present to you... January 1, 2020 21:45

...Our Chinese New Year collection for 2020! We've got something for everyone!

Jumbo premium origami money envelopes in silver, gold and pastel shades

We are so excited about the latest addition to our best-selling premium money envelopes range: the jumbo envelopes now come in these beautiful silver, gold and pastel shades! These are limited edition though so if you want them make sure you snap them up now!


Chinese red peonies and abstract motifs money envelopes

Delicate Chinese florals money envelopes

These money envelopes feature traditional Chinese designs that both young and old will love. They are also double-sided and have a complementary colour on the inside that is revealed when you open up the envelope!


Ornate traditional Turkish patterns money envelopes--set of 5 in wide design or horizontal design

Here at hanakrafts we love all kinds of traditional patterns and motifs. Why not stand out from the crowd during CNY with these intricate Turkish patterns money envelopes that have pretty red accents?


Pretty little floral motifs notebooks set of 2

We even have this pretty set of notebooks that suit the CNY occasion! 


Golden florals, polka dots and zigzag long money envelopes--set of 3

Children will love receiving these sweet money envelopes with simple, bright patterns. 

And there you have it! Our latest handcrafted creations to celebrate the new year. May 2020 be full of bright and beautiful wonders for you!