The Big Move to Rotorua! October 24, 2016 12:13

So we moved again, not across continents this time thankfully, but across the country to the North Island! Welcome to our new home in Rotorua in the Bay of Plenty region!

hanakrafts rotorua home

When we first went to view this house, we fell in love with its space and layout, and it didn't hurt that we had a treehouse in the front yard as well!  

hanakrafts rotorua workstation

It took me a full day to unpack my boxes and set up my hanakrafts workstation in one of the spare rooms, but I did it! This is just the table, mind you--you're not seeing the rest of the storage boxes and bags on the floor! And if you're wondering what the view outside of that window is like...


...this is it! I absolutely love the greenery, and because we moved in spring, we were blessed with even more bountiful views. Rotorua has been amazing and I love the fact that there is a vibrant arts community here with lots of workshops, exhibitions and markets to attend. I'm looking forward to play my small part in this community too!