Hanakrafts' Christmas gift guide 2016--the gift guide with a merry twist! November 30, 2016 08:37

We've got such a wide range of handmade paper goods on our website now that we thought a Christmas gift guide might be a good idea! If you're stuck and unsure about what to give a particular person in your life, read on... but these people we are thinking of are just a tad bit different in their own quirky ways!

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For your emo brother who secretly writes songs and poems when inspired: 

Arabian geometric notebooks

I have 2 brothers who are both far from emo but one of them DOES have this journal in blue! These journals have intricate geometric designs on the covers but they come in colours that are still guy-friendly. They also come in a handy A6 size that is easy to carry around (because guys are always walking around bag-free, aren't they?)


For that chic co-worker you know who loves all things Japanese:

Origami paper cards

These cards are quietly festive and yet stylish with a textured lace origami paper background! They would look gorgeous pinned up at your co-worker's desk too!


For your girlfriends who are just that little bit kooky (and that's why you love them):

Polka dotted Christmas cards

Brighten up their Christmas further with these polka-dotted greeting cards that they are sure to love!


For your sophisticated friend who has been bitten by the travel bug:

Christmas geometric envelopes

Gift envelopes featuring gorgeous geometric designs in red, green and gold--so festive and so aesthetically pleasing! They are sure to remind her of the European or Middle Eastern architecture that she has encountered before on one of her many trips abroad.


For old folks who are still young-at-heart and are often found Instagramming (!) their homecooked dishes:

Peranakan batik journals

The Peranakan batik designs on these notebooks are so beautifully traditional but the bright feisty colours make them coolly modern too. Perfect for grandma to write her recipes in!


For the spunky young couple just starting a new home together:

Christmas money envelopes

These festive gift envelopes would be perfect for you to present monetary gifts, vouchers or gift cards for the couple to have a shopping spree at IKEA / Crate & Barrel / Anthropologie / Bed Bath & Beyond or whichever store suits their aesthetic!


For the workaholic corporate boss who needs some art in his or her life:

Luxury baroque money envelopes

This gift idea actually came from one of our customers who said she would use these envelopes to give out her namecards at boring networking events! We say that's a brilliant way to inject some fun and beauty into your corporate life!


For your friends' cute kiddos:

Fruits money envelopes for kids

All kids love Christmas presents, but if you're not so sure what they'd like, vouchers would be the perfect gift so that your friends (i.e. the kiddos' parents) will be able to buy what they actually need. These colourful envelopes will make the giving of vouchers a still-pretty affair and nothing to be scoffed at!


For your little niece who loves all creatures big or small:

Butterfly notebooks

We are sure she would love this notebook set featuring pretty butterflies! The notebooks are hand-stitched and are bestsellers at all the craft fairs we attend.


For an arty-farty teenager who loves to doodle and draw (and dilly-dally):

Marbled notebooks for Christmas

Give them the freedom to express themselves with these hand-stitched marbled notebooks that have blank pages inside. Choose from 3 colours for this set of 2 notebooks: pink, orange or blue.


We hope you have enjoyed our very first Christmas gift guide! Can't believe we didn't do this last year--it was fun coming up with all these ideas =) Happy shopping and may you have a wonderful festive season with your loved ones.