Basic Bookbinding workshop at MOX Katong Point by hanakrafts October 17, 2017 13:55

How has your October been going? We’ve been having a very busy one, with the big move we’ve made—yes, we’ve moved back to Singapore and are so happy to be home!

hanakrafts Singapore view

People are always asking me what the weather is like in Singapore. This is how it is: always hot, always humid, with no seasons! T-shirts and shorts all year =)

As has always been the case (I’m somewhat of a workaholic; can you tell?) I’ve jumped straight back into the swing of things with my very first bookbinding workshop in Singapore! Kiwis were pretty happy to try their hand at bookbinding so I thought Singaporeans might be too ;)

hanakrafts bookbinding workshop singapore

All set up and ready to go!

Our workshop was conducted in conjunction with the opening of MOX, a brand new independent design resource workspace in Joo Chiat. I had a wonderful afternoon sharing about basic bookbinding with the participants, who each did an amazing job making their very own books!

hanakrafts bookbinding workshop singapore

Hard at work

hanakrafts bookbinding workshop singapore
All of us with our handmade books!

I will be holding more bookbinding workshops now that I'm back in Singapore, so if you are interested, do look out for them in the near future! Or, if you'd rather purchase some for yourself, head to our Shop section here and view all the lovely handmade goodies on offer just for you.