March 2017 Sulphur City market: meeting the mayor March 6, 2017 11:39

Sulphur City market March 2017 hanakrafts

March is actually here! I'm constantly amazed at how quickly the months pass by. It promises to be an exciting month ahead with not one, but two markets in the pipeline, as well as a workshop! So let's start off with the first market which is this month's edition of the Sulphur City market. 

Sulphur City market March 2017

Because it was the Children's Day weekend, they had a couple of booths just for the kiddos. This one was a fire engine ride (which initially made the stallholders a little panicky when we heard the sirens) and they also had a kids' activity by the Philippines Club.

Sulphur City market March 2017 kids craft

My highlight of the day was meeting the mayor of Rotorua!! Hehe. When she came by my stall I was thinking to myself, where have I seen this woman? She's quite stylish with her short crop and green-rimmed glasses and has a very distinctive look. She was pretty generous with her compliments and said that some of my paper designs looked Maori- inspired... Hmm I wasn't too sure about that but I'll take it! Anyway she ended up buying one of my notecard sets and it was only after she had left that I remembered who she was! I was kicking myself for not having taken a paparazzi photo with her. It was nice of her to come down and support our community events in her personal capacity though =) 

Sulphur City market March 2017 outside

Lots of people out and about! These stalls on the right belong to a woodworking organisation. I've spent much money there for sure because the quality of the items they make is amazing!

Sulphur City market March 2017 hanakrafts view

The view from behind my stall. These portraits of Maori women stretched all along the corridor, so I was admiring them the whole time! 

My second market in March will be Art in the Park--I've finally mustered up the courage to register as a vendor! I wasn't keen on it initially because I'm afraid my paper products won't do well when exposed to the elements (I'm terrified that it will rain!), but my next door neighbour at Sulphur City convinced me to try it out because the turnout is always good. It will be my very first outdoor market and there's so much prep to do but I'm so excited about it! Look out for updates on it soon!