Etsy Craft Party 2016 in Auckland! June 21, 2016 12:31

So the Etsy Craft Party has come and gone so quickly! It was a really successful event--it was great meeting like-minded people with a passion for handmade goods, and it was fun learning new skills and watching everyone's creative juices flowing. 

The night before was spent at the hotel finalizing my display baskets and card-making kits. I made 16 kits and thankfully so because the first workshop was over-subscribed!


This was the calm before the storm. See the queue of people forming outside waiting to get into the first few workshops!


My display of items for sale.


The other items on display as well! Everything was really gorgeous, and made even more so because you knew they were all carefully handmade.


The first session of my card-making workshop! It was great fun being a teacher again, haha. I think I made the small mistake of putting out too many materials though, which made it messy and a little confusing, so for the second workshop I reminded myself that sometimes, less is better! It was good to see the participants having fun and thinking about the designs that they would like for their own gatefold cards.


There were also many kids attending the workshops with their parents, which was heartwarming to see. 


It was a little bit quieter in the afternoon so for my second workshop, I only had 2 ladies with me. But it was good because they were crafters too, so we got to know each other a lot more closely, and by the end of the workshop, they had taught me something too--how to set up an Instagram account! (Yes, I know, I feel ancient.) Aren't their cards beautiful? 


A group shot at the end of the event! Here I am with some of the other artists, event organizers and little helpers =) Really hope to be able to work with them again someday!