Congratulations card and customised notebook for a newborn November 16, 2015 14:52

This card and notebook was a custom order to celebrate the birth of a newborn. The card was in hues of pink and had 'Congratulations' handwritten on it using a traditional calligraphy pen and ink! 

I had to practise a few times before I could get the consistency that I wanted. Calligraphy looks deceptively easy but it really isn't! It requires a lot of patience, practise and control. Also, that's not coffee in the little cup; it's ink from the nib! Haha!

For the notebook, I used black embroidery floss on red cardstock for a nice contrast, and the binding design was 'Kissing Fish'.

To personalize the notebook, I wrote the baby's name on a die-cut embellishment with a gold calligraphy marker and decorated it with flowers. The notebook would make the perfect keepsake for the little one, as it could be used to keep mementoes of her growing up journey =)