Calligraphy practice with a bamboo pen! April 15, 2016 19:31

Calligraphy set

I found this calligraphy writing set in a quaint little art store in Melbourne and I immediately fell in love with it! I had been thinking of buying more coloured inks, so this was a good deal--the set was pretty complete with 4 inks in different colours, a brush, a bamboo pen, an embroidered cleaning cloth and a writing pad. I was particularly excited about the bamboo pen because the last time I encountered it being used was for an Arabic calligraphy course. Plus you can't really buy that off the shelf in any stationery store!

Calligraphy set with inks, brush and bamboo pen

I finally found some time this week to try out the bamboo pen and the inks and I loved the results! The bamboo pen writes pretty differently from your normal calligraphy nib and holder... somehow I couldn't really create the swells and hairlines in the lettering, but the pen glided really smoothly on paper and was such a pleasure to write with. Will definitely try to use it more regularly now in my work!

Calligraphy writing