Lokta paper from Nepal March 7, 2016 09:36 1 Comment

It's been a pretty cold March so far--Facebook reminded me that 1 March was the start of autumn in NZ, and on that day the temperature was a high of 12 degrees and a low of 4 degrees! What a freezing start to a brand new season.

Anyway, I'm really excited to share about a new find that I made while on a short (birthday!) trip to Melbourne recently. Everywhere I go I'm always on a quest to find new materials and supplies that I can use to make more handmade items, and I was so stoked to find this one! It's Lokta paper, which is handmade paper originating from Nepal. 

Lokta paper--red, blue and gold

How pretty is that! The paper has a fibrous texture which is delicate to the touch, but it is actually really durable. In Nepal, Lokta paper is used for the printing of everything from government documents to religious scriptures, which just goes to show how long-lasting and resistant to wear-and-tear it is. Lokta paper is also eco-friendly because it is 'tree-free'--it is made from the fibres of the Lokta bush.

Lokta paper notebook red on cream

I used them to make A6 versions of my hardcover, coptic stitch journals. I was afraid the glue might seep through the paper, as it might with other types of thin, porous paper, but it didn't, so it really is a lot more durable than it looks! 

Lokta paper notebook in blue

The blue version!

And my personal favourite, the one in gold and black! The gold really pops so beautifully on the black background. 

Do check out these Lokta notebooks and more on my website! =)