Yellow flowers and blue cranes long money envelopes set of 2 for Chinese New Year, Christmas, Eid, kids birthdays, baby showers


This set of 2 money envelopes are great for Chinese New Year. They feature a yellow floral design on beige cardstock and a cranes design on light blue cardstock. A small notch has been carefully punched into the bottom of the envelope so that the top flap can be tucked into it, holding the contents inside securely. The corners have also been rounded for an elegant finishing touch. These money envelopes can fit larger $50 and $100 notes and will be great for kids' birthdays and baby showers too!

Do note that the hanakrafts brand sticker will be pasted at the back of each envelope. All props used in the photos are not included in your purchase.

Dimensions when closed: height 8.5cm x width 16.5cm

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