Premium origami money envelopes collection--all 4 designs at a special price!


If you're a fan of our premium origami money envelopes, you can get all 4 designs at a special price of just SGD$32! Amaze your friends with these beautiful handmade money envelopes made from high-quality, textured origami paper (yuzen chiyogami). You will get one pack each of:

- premium origami original red design

- premium origami in indigo and blue

- premium origami in fair colours

- premium origami in pastels.

Each pack comes in a set of 5, so this listing will give you 20 envelopes. Perfect for weddings, birthdays and festive occasions like Eid, Christmas or Chinese New Year!

Do take note that each envelope is one-of-a-kind as the patterns do not repeat themselves. Also, do note that the hanakrafts brand sticker will be pasted inside each envelope. All props used in the photos are not included in the purchase.

Dimensions: height 12cm x width 7cm

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