Moroccan mosaic tile money envelopes


We've been inspired by fabric and textiles, and now, we are getting our inspiration from architecture! These gorgeous money envelopes feature a range of intricate, Moroccan mosaic tile designs. The designs are largely geometric and highly elaborate, paying tribute to the skills of Moroccan craftsmen. The colours used complement the design with their richness and intensity. These money envelopes come in a set of 5 and there are 2 variations on the size: tall or horizontal design. We're sure your loved ones will adore them as much as we do! 

Do note that the hanakrafts brand stamp will be discreetly pasted inside each envelope. All props used in the photos are not included in the purchase. 


Tall design: height 12cm x width 7cm

Horizontal design: height 7.3cm x width 9.5cm

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