Gold stars and blue tile long money envelopes--set of 2 for Christmas


These long money envelopes feature complementary designs--one with gold stars on a black background, and one with classic blue arabesque tiles. These high quality envelopes are made out of designer paper and cardstock, which makes them nice and sturdy. A notch has also been cut into the bottom flap so you can tuck the top flap in and hold the contents inside securely, and the corners have been rounded for an elegant finishing touch. These money envelopes can fit larger $50 and $100 notes, so you may use them to present monetary gifts, vouchers or gift cards for  Christmas, Chinese New Year, Eid and even weddings and birthdays.

Do note that the hanakrafts brand stamp will be discreetly pasted inside each envelope. All props used in the photos are not included in the purchase. 

Dimensions: height 8.5 cm x width 16.5 cm

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