Bright and beautiful origami money envelopes for Eid--set of 10 in jumbo design


These bright and beautiful money envelopes will definitely catch everyone's eye during Eid! Both adults and kids will love how striking the colours are. They are made out of high quality, double-sided origami paper, so the inside is also coloured! You could also use them to present gift cards or vouchers during weddings, birthdays, Chinese New Year and on other occasions. These envelopes come in a special set of 10 and are all in a larger jumbo size so you can slip in your dollar notes without folding them.

Do note that the hanakrafts brand stamp will be discreetly pasted inside each envelope. All props used in the photos are not included in the purchase.

Jumbo size: height 16.3 cm x width 8.2 cm (fits SG$50 and NZ$20 notes without folding)

Orders for Eid 2017: Do note that the cut-off date for all international orders is Wednesday 14 June 2017. Please place your orders by this date so that there will be ample time for us to make your orders and mail them over in time for Eid. If you place your order after this date, there is no guarantee that your money envelopes will reach you in time for Eid. Thank you!

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